Dachshunds on Ice and Other Must-Click Links of the Week

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Welcome to our link roundup, where we share our favorite stories from around the internet! Know a link that should be included? Email it to americasbestracing@gmail.com!

These two horses who wanted nothing to do with the massive snowfall last weekend are all of us. (TMZ)

Did you just hit the lottery? If so, congratulations and may I take out a small large personal loan? Because the calendar for 2018’s biggest races around the world is here and I want to go to all of them. (CNN)

Ten-year-old artist Daniel Love is using his talent to help trainer Martine Bellocq, who suffered burns over 50% of her body trying to save her horses from the Lilac Fire. (Fox 5 San Diego)

“Window Horses” is an animated adventure making a run for the Oscars. (IndieWire)

Cara Delevingne asking Kendall Jenner the real question: how many horses would she have on her dream farm? (Harper’s Bazaar)

This is a really fascinating look at Man o’ War’s home, Faraway Farm. This article has everything: the Underground Railroad, an ahead-of-her-time female stallion manager, bowie knife fights, and a pistol named Louis Lee. (Paulick Report)

Courtesy Cowhichan Therapeutic Riding Association

Ember the pony had a dream to be a champion, but he couldn’t figure out how until he became a therapy horse. Grab every single tissue you can find and watch this video.  (Cowichan Therapeutic Riding Association)

Do you want to see wiener dogs racing on ice? Of course you do! (Cuteness)

I’ve always dreamed of moving a horse into my living room, and this Palestinian family in East Jerusalem is doing just that! (Reuters)

Hobbits + horse racing = happiness. Who’s up for a trip to New Zealand? (TDN Weekend)

There’s a new documentary coming out about the plight of America’s wild horse population. I will watch it, and I will cry. (New Yorker)

Speaking of film, I don’t know much about the movie “The Rider” yet, but this clip definitely piques my interest. (The Upcoming)

If you’re a makeup junkie like me, you’re going to want to check out the most hotly-anticipated lines coming out this year. Imma need that Agent Carter collection from Besame immediately. I would wear that rose-red lipstick to the Kentucky Derby in a heartbeat. (Revelist)

France is sending China a literal gift horse in an effort to improve political and economic relations. This strategy would totally work on me. (CNBC)

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is taking time out of his NFL schedule to help out the horses at Old Friends. (Lex18)

Want to catch up with superstar mares Songbird and Groupie Doll? Claudia Ruiz is here to help! (Thoroughbred Today)

Relevant to our interests: the art of dressing for French racing. (CNN)

Have you ever heard of skijoring? It’s a high-speed race with a horse towing a skier and it’s awesomely insane. (Saratoga Hot Springs Resort)

I’ve been desperate to ride in the Mongol Derby for over 10 years, but Kelsey Riley is actually doing it! Even better: she’s using her experience to raise funds for the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. (Thoroughbred Daily News)

Snipes the horse loves his pet stuffed duck, and watching them play in the snow is a delight. (ABC)

This hybrid mechanical-digital horse racing game is everything. (Las Vegas Sun)

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