A Baker’s Dozen of Horse Cookies to Celebrate National Cookie Day

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Courtesy Wikimedia Commons/Lvova Anastasiya

Who doesn’t love horses and cookies? You know we do – that’s why we’ve collected some of our favorite horse-inspired treats for you to enjoy on National Cookie Day!

1.     These horse racing cookies are my Platonic ideal of baked goods.

Cookies for Oaks Day

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2.     This is mesmerizing:

3.     Classic and beautiful:

4.     Who’s up for a little variety?

5.     These are freaking adorable:

6.     How do you even get this level of detail?

7.     I am in awe – every part of this is edible!

8.     I don’t know whether to eat them or cuddle them:

9.     Holy smokes, these look exactly like the cartoon!

10. Running ponies and carrots – what could be sweeter?

11. 3D horse cookies? I’m so in.

12. These Swedish horses are too wonderful:

13. Who’s up for some Melbourne Cup-inspired treats?

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