Conquer Itchy, Scratchy Winter Skin

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Winter is a great time to enjoy the jump season, roasted chestnuts, holiday parties, skiing and lots of pictures with loved ones, but wait … YIKES! What’s up with your skin?

Just when you need your skin to be balanced for a smooth application of foundation makeup, you’re waking up dry, flaky and/or itchy and scratchy. UGHHH! Never fear, I’m here to give you some simple winter tips that anyone can do.

Humidify at night

Beat low humidity and dry air from indoor heating with a humidifier next to your bed. Did you know that Mariah Carey has admitted to sleeping with 20 humidifiers around her bed? Now that’s an extreme example; I sleep with two, one on each side, and believe me, it makes a huge difference!

I prefer “cold” humidifiers versus hot steam ones, as hot steam can actually suck the moisture out of your skin. Think: licking your lips makes them drier. Manufacturers make small table top ones in lots of cute shapes so you can have one at your desk, put one in your kitchen – anywhere and everywhere that your spending a lot of time. Always use distilled water because tap water contains minerals that can promote bacterial growth inside your humidifier. Best to turn on halfway or less so you enjoy the benefits without soaking down the immediate area.

Wear your chemical free SPF daily

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Wait, what? I know I always harp on wearing SPF daily, year round to fight skin cancer, wrinkles and brown spots, but for fighting itchy skin, too? YES! Zinc and titanium dioxide are soothing and healing for your skin, so they will help to keep your skin in overall good health.

Clean, don’t boil yourself – you’re not a lobster!

Hot showers and baths feel so good, but too much of this is so bad for your skin! A simple trick is to get into a hot shower but not put your head under. After a few seconds of muscle soothing joy, turn the water to warm and proceed.

Too much hot water and steam strips your skin of natural oils. You also create sensitive skin that can easily dry out and become itchy. Limit your bathing to 10 minutes and you will not only have a “greener” water bill at months end, but you’ll be doing your skin a huge favor. Use fragrance-free moisturizing body wash and cotton washcloth for a daily scrub. Follow up with a body oil or moisturizer (which really only takes a few seconds to apply so no excuses, just get into the habit of doing it daily), hair serum and your face serum and moisturizer. You’ll feel great from head to toe.

Take a tip from your horse

Horses love, love, love oats. You should, too. It’s an inexpensive ingredient that is chock full of goodness! Mix your own exfoliating and soothing facial mask by combining banana, honey, oats and warm milk. Smooth dry elbows, knees and cellulite with a body scrub made of oats, brown sugar and grapeseed oil. Eat oatmeal for a daily dose of skin-loving essential minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber.

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