Kentucky Derby Future Wager Pool One Names Provide Entertaining Stories

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Dressed in Hermes is a fashionable choice in the "all other 3-year-olds" category of the first Future Wager. (Photos by Melissa Bauer-Herzog)

This season’s 2016 Kentucky Derby Future Wager Pool 1 opened on Thursday, Nov. 26, and closes Sunday, Nov. 29. Players can wager on 23 horses or the favorite “all other three year olds.”

The future book of The Wynn Las Vegas includes these 23 horses plus 295 possibilities for “All other 3-year-olds.” From Abercorn to Z Royal, every letter of the alphabet except X and Y is represented. The biggest long shots are Dothat Dance, Mollydooker, Niigon’s Edge and Ruth Less Blue who are currently 500/1.

Other entertaining stories and patterns emerge from examining the names alone.

Some horses seemed named with the first Saturday in May in mind, including Derby Express and Hint of Roses. Ifyousnoozeyoulose and Ifyouwinyougetmore understand principles of the game. He’s Comin In Hot sounds promising while Show Bound communicates lower expectations.

However, Show Bound is a different character in this company: Playwright, Rated R Superstar and Stage Play.


Find a destination for an upcoming vacation with Canada, Charming Indy, Conquest Windycity, Destin, Governor Malibu, and Saratoga Mischief. Tinseltown has two advocates in Hollywood Don and Hollywood Hideaway. Amazon Storm suggests either a South American getaway or Cyber Monday flurry.

Take a nautical voyage with Sea Wizard. He says Aye Aye Captain and consults the Brass Compass as they Sail Ahoy until the captain says Avast Matey; it’s time for Shore Leave.

Go on a religious pilgrimage with Devils Informer who travels on his own Damascus Road, becomes a Perfect Saint and hears the messages from the Bully Pulpit while in Fellowship with the faithful.

Indulge in Annie’s Candy or choose to be Cornfed.

Meanwhile, the Bayou Banker and Portfolio Manger draft a Prospectus that becomes the Economic Model, and the Annual Report declares them the Hand of Power.

Fashionable Freddy and Fashion Designer can provide styling services. Perhaps they will get racing fans Dressed in Hermes.

And the list has no shortage of uncles: Uncle Brennie, Uncle Jerry, Uncle Lino, Uncle Vinny and Uncle Walter are in a race to tell corny jokes and perhaps hand out dollars.

Selecting one horse from a list of 318 can be a daunting yet enjoyable endeavor. As May 7 approaches, the list will gradually narrow to twenty. And on that day, bettors who don’t cash tickets can Blameiton Brooklyn or Blameitonthelaw. Or players can focus on the glory that is horse racing and be Sorryaboutnothing.

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