Nineteen GIFs that Perfectly Sum Up Going to a Horse Race

The Life

Going to the track for a day at the races is a unique experience sure to elicit a wide-range of emotions. We’ve put together a list of GIFs that capture what it’s like to experience a day at the races.

1. Getting dressed up for a day at the races:

2. That feeling of excitement as you’re entering the track:


3.  Finding the perfect spot for you and your friends to set up shop for the day’s racing action:

4. Standing in line waiting to make your first bet of the day:

5. Being slightly nervous that you’ll say the wrong thing to the teller when you get to the window, resulting in a messed up bet:

6. The sweet feeling of success of walking away with the betting slip you planned on getting all along:

7. Heading out to the racetrack and seeing the horses and jockeys parading on a beautiful afternoon:

8. That feeling of anticipation as the horses get close to the starting gate:

9. And finally, it’s post time!

10.  As the horses begin the race, you’re basically like:  

11.  And then as they turn for home, you’re all:

12.  And:

13. But when your horse takes the lead, you get to act like: 

14. And when he wins:

15. And after the race, you think to yourself:

16.  Plus, when you go back to the betting window to collect your winnings:

17. And with your winnings you can turn to your friends and say: 


18. Then it’s important to toast your success:

19. The best part? Then you get to do it all over again!


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