Nine Thoroughbred Yearlings Who Cost More Than Celeb Homes

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All auction photos courtesy of Keeneland.

Celebrities have no problem tossing around a few mil on a mansion with all of the amenities, but quite a few of the cribs of our most famous Hollywood stars cost less than big-time yearlings at auction. Yeah, horsepower is a beautiful thing, and these horses had never even set a foot on the racetrack when they brought $7 million or more.

9. Laa Etaab - $7 million


In 1985 at the Keeneland July yearling sale, a little baby subsequently named Laa Etaab sold for $7 million. Laa Etaab never raced and ended up at stud in Saudi Arabia. What a lucky horse, all play and no work. Taylor Swift’s home in Beverly Hills cost only $3.975 million. Taylor Swift would make a pretty horse.

8. Jareer - $7.1 million

In 1984 at the Keeneland July yearling sale, a little baby gangsta pony - later named Jareer - sold for $7.1 million.  Such an O.G., his true image is still shrouded in secrecy.  Recently Scarlett Johansson purchased a beach house in the Hamptons for only $2.2 million. While the purchase price of Jareer put the crush down on the purchase price of Scarlett Johansson’s beach house, nothing can put the crush down on Scarlett. She is priceless in every way.

7. Mr. Sekiguchi - $8 million


At the 2004 Keeneland September yearling sale, a yearling Thoroughbred sold for $8 million and was named Mr. Sekiguchi. Justin Timberlake recently sold his crib in Soho for only $7.65 million. Even though Mr. Sekiguchi is retired now and his stud fee is only $2,500, he still put the smack down on Justin Timberlake’s $7.65 million Soho apartment. Mickey Mouse Club - weak sauce.

6. Imperial Falcon - $8.25 million

In 1984 at the Keeneland July yearling sale, a badass baby Thoroughbred was purchased for $8.2 million and named Imperial Falcon. He went on to earn $13,395 during his race career, just barely enough to purchase a Dodge Neon. Anyway, Katie Perry recently sold her Hollywood Hills home for only $6.9 million. The purchase price of Imperial Falcon is said to have inspired some of her lyrics on ‘Roar’: “I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire.”

5. Plavius - $9.2 million

At the 2006 Keeneland September yearling sale, a little yearling Thoroughbred, later named Plavius, sold for $9.2 million. Plavius’s father was named Danzig. We had no clue Glenn Danzig had a horse named after him, that’s awesome! Little baby Justin Bieber’s mansion only cost $6.5 million. You better belieb dat Plavius cost more than Justin Bieber’s home. I think America would pay $200 million to have the Bieber deported to another country all while The Misfits’ “Die Die My Darling” blares in the background. 

4. Jalil - $9.7 million


Jalil, a handsome yearling whose mother was a very talented racehorse named Tranquility Lake, sold for $9.7 million at the 2005 at the Keeneland September yearling sale. In 2012 Britney Spears (remember her from the Disney Channel?) purchased a big, fat 8,500 sq. ft. Los Angeles mansion for only $8.5 million. Another Mickey Mouse Club weak sauce.

3. Snaafi Dancer - $10.2 Million

In 1983 at the Keeneland July yearling sale, a little baby horse, subsequently named Snaafi Dancer, sold for $10.2 million. At that time, it was the highest price ever paid for a yearling at a Thoroughbred auction. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi recently sold their super-dope, eight-bedroom, 11-bathroom California horse ranch for $10.8 million. They original purchased it for $10 million … a little less than baby Snaafi. Baby horse v. celebrity horse ranch? Baby horse wins every time. #BetOnIt 

2. Meydan City - $11.7 million


Meydan City sold for a cool $11.7 million - the highest-price in history for the Keeneland September yearling sale - in 2006. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian only paid $10.7 million for their Bel Air mansion. The new fresh prince and princess of Bel Air’s house cost less than a baby horse.  I don’t know about you but I would much rather pay $11.7 mil for a baby horse over baby North West. 

1. Seattle Dancer - $13.1 million

In 1985 at the Keeneland July yearling sale, sweet little baby Seattle Dancer sold for a world-record $13.1 million. Jessica Simpson only dropped $11.5 million for Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s 11,000-square foot Hidden Hills mansion. Seattle Dancer was much less sinister than the Dark Lord of Metal’s humble abode. And yes, we were referencing J. Simp.

BONUS: Fusaichi Pegasus - $64 million


In 2000, a Thoroughbred by the name of Fusaichi Pegasus was sold to Coolmoore Stud for the reported price of $60 to $64 million. That’s a lot of greenbacks. Important to note, this sale was after his racing career. He did sell as a yearling at the 1998 Keeneland July yearling sale for a cool $4 million. His buyer was Fusao Sekiguchi, same gentleman that purchased No. 7 on this list, Mr. Sekiguchi. Fusaichi Pegasus was the better racehorse.

FuPeg won the Kentucky Derby in 2000 and has an incredible pedigree, although, with that same amount of money you could buy around 32 million 40s of Old English Malt Liquor. Priorities! With $64 million you could buy three Tom Brady's and Gisele Bundchen’s $20 million 14,000-square-foot mega-mansions that comes with a moat – a moat that has a 75-foot yacht floating in it. Boom goes the racehorse!


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