Men’s Raceday Accessories: The Watch

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Once upon a time, men wore watches to keep track of the hours. Not so much anymore. If you’re like most guys, you have a smartphone that tells you the time just fine. So nowadays, timepieces have become even more of a fashion statement! You wear one as an accessory to match your outfit or communicate something about your style.

And the racetrack is a place to make sure that you convince the ladies that you’re a gentleman of style and sophistication. Like any other piece in your wardrobe, your watch needs to make sense with the rest of what you’re wearing. Here’s what you should keep in mind.

A. It may sound old-fashioned, but when wearing a leather-strap watch, you’re always safe matching the strap to your shoes - brown and brown, black and black.

B. If you sport a distinct style - let’s say you’re into the whole prepster thing, or maybe you’re a minimalist guy - keep it consistent. Your watch should be of that style, too.

C. A watch with a plain black or white face - and a leather strap or a steel bracelet - will go with everything.

D. Finally, if you’re heading to a classy event, make sure you’ve got a formal-minded watch. Leave the dual-compass waterproof rock at home. Instead, opt for a slim, unadorned timepiece with a black leather band. A formal watch should keep time, not flash it.

Depending on your personal style and preference there are plenty of different designs and looks to choose from these days for men, and there are many designs and looks that will have the ladies definitely checking you out.

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