Inside the Jockeys’ Room with Chantal Sutherland-Kruse

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Chantal Sutherland-Kruse after guiding Imponent Purse to victory in the Sunset Handicap at Hollywood Park. (Photo by Eclipse Sportswire)

Hall of Fame jockey Gary Stevens and Chantal Sutherland-Kruse, a two-time Sovereign Award winner in her native Canada, take America's Best Racing's readers inside the jockeys' room in 2014. Stevens and Sutherland-Kruse will provide answers to all sorts of questions such as how jockeys get paid, what goes on between races, whom they admire and what type of music and fashion style they favor.

In this edition of Inside the Jockeys' Room we learn a little more about Sutherland-Kruse's superstitions and her first pet.

Do you have any kind of rituals or superstitions before you race?   

SUTHERLAND-KRUSE: Rituals and superstitions! This has challenged me a little and I used to be very OCD about what foot to put my boot on first or my shirt and bandana, and it eventually got out of hand. I believe that I once read a scripture or heard something in church or by Joel Osteen saying that God does not want us to believe in superstitions and to rather have faith unto him. That was it, and I let it all go. For now, I just wear a cross necklace when I ride. 

What do you consider your greatest achievement?     

SUTHERLAND-KRUSE: My greatest achievement is being a successful female jockey in a male-dominated sport.

How would you like to die?           

SUTHERLAND-KRUSE: I would like to die old and with all the people I love around me. Otherwise, if it happens quick and unexpected please everyone wear pink to my funeral and play Bob Marley. Megan DJ Daniels can DJ if she is around … dance, drink and remember me, the silly me, and I would like it if someone could make it snow.

How do you want to be remembered?    

SUTHERLAND-KRUSE: I want to be remembered as loving, a good sister, daughter, wife and friend.


What celebrities are you friends with? Have you done anything cool with them, either at the racetrack or away from the track?    

SUTHERLAND-KRUSE: I’m not really friends with any celebrities, and that’s fine. I have met and had dinner with some cool ones and would really only say that I have met them.

What was your first pet and what was its name?         

SUTHERLAND-KRUSE: Barbapoppa was my first pony. Cognac was the most amazing pony ever! When I had to sell him, it was the first time my heart was broken, really broken. Also, I must give a shout out to an amazing Maltese named Dijon … I still get a lump in my throat when I think of him.

Sometimes it’s scary to think … ?

SUTHERLAND-KRUSE: Sometimes it’s scary to think of any family member passing.

My favorite place to hang out by myself is?       

SUTHERLAND-KRUSE: Favorite place to hang out by myself is at my home.

My favorite scent or aroma on the planet is?    

SUTHERLAND-KRUSE: Straight to Heaven by Killian

My favorite charity is?       


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