Eighteen Ways Racehorses Are Like Celebrities

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One of the perks of being famous is having an entourage to tend to your every need. (Photo by Eclipse Sportswire)

These days, it seems like racehorses are in the news just as much as celebrities. From hearing what Kentucky Derby winner California Chrome ate for breakfast to how well two-time Horse of the Year Wise Dan exercised, you can find all the information you need and want about racehorses. But that isn't the only thing both celebrities and racehorses have in common, from massages to entourages, both groups probably are more alike than you think.

1) It’s rare to see either racehorse or celebrity without an entourage.

2) The Red Carpet at awards ceremonies mirrors the Kentucky Derby walkover, complete with fans hoping to get noticed by both human and equine celebrities.

3) Celebs spend exorbitant sums of money on clothes, which is rivaled by the cost of tack needed for a horse to race.

4) Neither human nor racehorse celebrity dares leave their home/stall without having a stylist spend hours working on their look.

5) Both racehorses and celebrities aren’t afraid to send a meal back if it isn’t presented to them exactly as ordered.

6) The equine paparazzi at a racetrack before a big race rivals the paparazzi following celebrities around an awards show.

Photo by Eclipse SportsWire

7) Neither celebrities nor equine personalities can be bothered to handle all of their social media and appearances. That’s why publicists exist!

8) The passports for some racehorses have just as many stamps as some celebrities.

9) Even if they act like they hate the attention, both horses and celebrities aren’t afraid to ham it up for photographers.

Photo by Eclipse SportsWire

10) Just like celebrities, racehorses have to deal with rumors about their health, friends, and who they are dating.

11) Both human and racehorse celebrities have to deal with everyone tracking their every move.

12) Neither human nor equine celebrity can hide when their kids are born.

Photo by WikiCommons/Harrywad

13) Hardcore fans can tell you the “pedigree” and résumé of both actors and racehorses.

14) Neither celebrity nor racehorse is afraid to make ugly faces at anyone who invades their privacy.

15) Fans take it personally when you make fun of their favorite celebrity or racehorse.


16) Whether on the set of a movie or at the site of their next race, both celebs and horses receive and enjoy regular massages.

17) Hair and makeup? Sorry, celebs have nothing on a well-turned out horse before a big race, complete with perfect braids, dappled coat and polished hooves.

18) Both celebrities and racehorses always have a blast at the racetrack. 


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