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What a fantastic day, and night, of racing! The 2014 Dubai World Cup brought the best of the best from all over the world. No we aren't talking about the horses, we are talking fashion — Irish millinery, Australian designers, Kate Middleton-inspired pieces and, of course, some of the best fashions in the United Arab Emirates.

This was a fantastic day full of beautiful hats, fabulous dresses and stunning shoes, and they were all showcased at the classy Jaguar Style Stakes.

All the way down the western side of the enormous Meydan Racecourse, the Jaguar Style Stakes set up a fantastic “fashion arena” where stylish ladies and gents could rest their feet on the patent white leather couches and enjoy a cocktail while watching the races. Jaguars were showcased in each corner of area pointing to the main event: the fashion stage.

With a competition for Best Hat, Best Dressed male, Best Dressed Couple, and the grand finale of the Best Dressed Lady, people not only lined up to compete but also to enjoy from the sidelines.

From outrageously big hats to small, artistic pieces, ladies brought their most stylish millinery to the track for the chance to win spa packages and more. From “Most Creative Hat” to “Best Hat,” each hat had a chance to take home prizes. Large, peacock pieces competed with couture, modern art pieces. Most creative went to a floral-inspired piece and Best Hat went to a fun (almost Dr. Seuss-inspired) headpiece.

The Best Dressed Couples brought their “A” game as well. Included “fake proposals” and kisses and, of course, a few twirls to win the hearts of the judges. What won, however, is just the fashion itself. Incorporating the beautiful red color from the lady's rose millinery in the gentleman’s pocket square and printed dress shirt, this couple screamed stylish couture in such a chic way!

The Best Dressed Male provided the crowd with the most entertainment — dances, winks, blowing kisses and more. Anything goes with these stylish, and ambitious, guys! The one who took the cake was in a Royal Ascot-inspired top hat, three-piece light grey and black suit with white button accents. Oh, and white shoelaces on black dress shoes. Seriously! He not only worked the judges, he worked the crowd as well! Well done, sir!

The finale was the Jaguar Style Stakes’ Best Dressed Lady. More than 300 well-dressed ladies walked the stage for their chance at the big prize of the lipstick-red, convertible Jaguar! Big smiles, fancy poses, and confidence in their walks, the ladies strut the stage with a stylish vengeance.

The judges had a tough job of narrowing it down to only 20 ladies for the finale, a group that featured an array of colors, dresses, shoes and, of course, millinery. From these 20 ladies, Longines picked their Most Elegant Lady and Jaguar needed to pick the runner-up as well as the Best Dressed Lady! Longines chose a gorgeous young lady in a simple mint green A-line dress with black shoes and a black, Kate Middleton-type hat.

Jaguar’s Best Dressed Lady Runner Up went to an Australian and United Arab Emirates resident dressed in a royal blue dress, complimented by Kim Fletcher Millinery with pink accents.

The Best Dressed Lady title was awarded to a printed dress in natural colors with a white color accent. Subtle, nude shoes were offset with a statement hat with a ton of different natural colored feathers on a light cream base. This young lady took home a red, convertible Jaguar for a whole year! Jealous?

All the ladies were winners, as we know how tough it is to get up on that stage. Fashion at the Races' own Bri Mott entered the Best Dressed Lady competition and, according to her, she “shook like a leaf!”

Walking in front of five powerful judges, media with cameras snapping, and hundreds of people watching your every move! Well, it’s nerve-wracking! All ladies that walked up those stairs and showcased their stylish racewear are winners in our eyes! Bravo, girls!

Even the ladies who didn't enter the competition were top notch on this race day. Looking around at all of the great fashion from the day is so inspiring. The many different styles show how fashion can showcase your personality in such a wonderful light. Even better, at the races you have one more facet you can use to showcase your personality. What’s that? Your millinery of course! And trust us, the 2014 Dubai World Cup brought out all different kinds of personalities through the millinery!

All in all, this was a fantastic day of racing and racing fashion. We’re not sure that any other race day can top this one!

But maybe we spoke to soon. Here we come, Kentucky Derby! Melbourne Spring Carnival, Royal Ascot, Breeders’ Cup! There are oh, so many! Let the racing fashion daydreaming begin.



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