Cool Hotels in Los Angeles: Bet On It

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The pool at the iconic Sunset Marquis, above, has hosted countless celebrities through the years. Make your next visit to the West Coast one to remember.

There so much to do and see in Southern California - when you're not at the racetrack that is - that it doesn't really matter where you stay, right? Wrong. A trip to the West Coast for the Santa Anita Handicap or Santa Anita Derby is a perfect opportunity to spend a couple of nights at one of the iconic hotels in the L.A. area. Of course, if you prefer to save your hard-earned cash to bolster your bankroll for the racetrack, well, we've got you covered there, too.

Win: Sunset Marquis

The Rate: $345

The Lowdown: Horseplayers are renegades, risk takers, and in some cases, rough around the edges. The same terms could be used to describe rock stars.

Both will feel at home at the lavish Sunset Marquis.

For more than five decades, the Sunset Marquis has been an oasis for legendary touring rockers to relax, rejuvenate, and even record music on site. Mick Jagger, Green Day, and Ozzy Osbourne all frequented the luxury two-story lodge in their prime. If you get the chance to stay here, make it a point to visit the NightBird recording studio on site.


Place: The Redbury

The Rate: $280

The Lowdown: Once the sun sets on the racetrack, heading back to this Bohemian abode will be a true treat. The lighting on the outside of the building lives up to its namesake, with the walls oozing a velvety red at night. The man responsible for the eye-catching illumination is Matthew Rolston. Rolston’s filmography work includes collaborations with Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, and Lenny Kravitz.

Despite being located in a bustling tourist district, The Redbury manages to maintain a certain aura privacy and class. It’s the perfect landing spot after a day at the track for a night out on the town. Don’t believe me? Fine. Feel free to ask David Beckham or Scarlett Johansson for confirmation.

This spot is located right around the corner from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which is notable, but not quite as cool as The Saratoga Hoofprints Walk of Fame. If you hit it big on a ticket that includes Mucho Macho Man, you’re practically obligated to pay a visit to the Village People’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  


Show: The Santa Anita Inn

The Rate: $100

The Lowdown: The Santa Anita Inn is located, you guessed it, in close proximity to the racetrack. Convenience is nothing to scoff at, considering this is L.A., the traffic capital of the globe. With gas running in the $4.40 range, you’ll be doing some serious savings by staying at this nostalgia-filled hotel.  

Guests here claim that nothing has changed in 30 years, not even the wallpaper! And that’s just fine with me. We’re here to celebrate the racing, first and foremost.  


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