Trying Horse Racing for the First Time? Get Started with Free Picks from Equibase

Penelope P. Miller/America's Best Racing

Diving into anything new can be daunting, especially when it comes to analyzing something as complex as a horse race. Now, perhaps more than any other time, people are turning to horse racing — since it’s possibly the only sport in the United States that’s still active. It’s also the only outlet you can turn to daily for a distraction in the form of some betting action. For those who want to get in on that action, our friends at Equibase have announced that for a limited time it is offering free selections for races across the country. 

Equibase offers a comprehensive menu of handicapping products, statistical information, and video race replays. Its website includes everything from basic info on who’s racing to advanced data for longtime players. If you’re new to the sport and just want enough information to get you started and give you confidence when you’re betting a horse, check out Equibase’s Turf Club Analysts and STATS True Odds for FREE. Turf Club Analysts provides top picks for each race along with a, brief analysis that’ll help you learn the game as you’re playing along. STATS True Odds is a visual, easy-to-use handicapping product that predicts how the race may unfold and which contenders may be there at the finish line. 

Getting started is quick and it doesn’t require you to make any purchases at all. Just click on this link, add to your cart the tracks that you’d like to play and then simply register for a free Equibase account. You’ll be on your way in a matter of minutes! When you’re ready to dig a little deeper into horse racing data, you’ll find a lot more on the Equibase site or you can utilize past performances that are available for free (via rebate when you bet) on most legal U.S. wagering sites. 

If you’re looking for help trying to figure out how much your bets are going to cost, utilize our free and easy-to-use gambling calculator, presented by Xpressbet.

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