How to Make Better Use of Equibase’s Virtual Stable in 2017

Fans watch the racing action from Tampa Bay Downs. (Penelope P. Miller/America's Best Racing)

As a new year arrives and you make your resolutions for your 2017 days at the racetrack, one that should be at the top of your list is to use — or make better use of — a Virtual Stable account.

Everyone has an essential part of their handicapping arsenal, such as past performances or tip sheets or video of races.

Yet regardless of how you pick your horses, using a Virtual Stable account at is an important way to make sure you do not lose track of horses sitting on a huge effort.

Virtual Stable is a free account for handicappers in which they can register up to 200 horses to watch, and then they will receive an email notice when each horse pops up in the entries. You can also receive notices about workouts or results, if you choose.

For trip handicappers, people who watch races trying to find horses who had tough trips or strong efforts, a Virtual Stable account is essential. This way, you do not have scour entries at every track on daily basis, checking to see when that horse runs again. It also guards against those agonizing days when a horse who you have been waiting to play for weeks runs on a day when you forgot to check the entries.

Even if you are not a trip handicapper by trade, there are no doubt times when you’ve bet on a horse and then watched in dismay when it encounters a ton of trouble and has to settle for third in a strong showing. Instead of muttering about your bad luck, do something about it. And don’t just rely on your memory to remind when you can try to make amends at the betting windows on that horse. By entering it in your Virtual Stable account, you’ll know exactly when that second opportunity at a winning wager presents itself ... and you can seize the moment.

Veteran and daily players are a natural for a Virtual Stable account, but so are new players who might wager only a couple of days a week or follow a handful of top racehorses. By simply checking your email, you’ll know if there’s a reason to excuse yourself from that 1 p.m. meeting for a few brief minutes in order to use your ADW’s mobile app to place a wager or two or three. You'll also know when your favorite 3-year-old is ready for his nexy prep for the Kentucky Derby.

In racing, there might be fierce arguments about which service provides the best speed figures or the importance of class versus pace. Yet with Virtual Stable, there’s no debate. It’s easy to use and it can only help you in the pursuit of a winner.

So even if you can’t keep that resolution about avoiding midnight snacks, do yourself and your handicapping a favor and make and then keep a promise to use Virtual Stable more frequently.

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