DerbyJackpot’s Best Bets of the Weekend to Return


Beginning Aug. 15, America’s Best Racing will resume its popular Best Bets of the Weekend handicapping blog in collaboration with DerbyJackpot.

I’ll be joining a rotation that also includes ABR’s Jose Contreras, Dan Tordjman and Victoria Garofalo to provide regular selections to use for that weekend’s races and, hopefully, help you win some cash.

DerbyJackpot is the fastest-growing online gambling game in the country. You can bet on live horse racing from all over the world. There is a race streamed on the site every 7 minutes that you can bet on and watch. My name is Cory Moelis and I’m the head of player development and resident handicapper. Let me tell you how easy it is to place a bet and win money.

After creating your account – which is free and instant - you will be connected with every major track in the world. Placing a bet on DJ is exactly the same as placing it at the track. For more experienced players, the terms you find on DerbyJackpot will be new. Let me break it down for you: 

The Monkey is a Win Bet

The Granny is a Show Bet

The Gonzo is an Exacta Box

The Fiddy is a Trifecta

The Dime is a Superfecta

For less experienced players, don’t worry it only takes three clicks to place a bet. It’s simple to play. We had a player win more than $11,000 on a Dime bet last year on his first deposit ever and he knew NOTHING about horse racing. Seriously, check out this video:

Just like other online horse betting sites, the payouts are instant and you can cash out whenever you want.

DerbyJackpot is the only social horse-betting site. This brings the thrill of playing Blackjack at a casino table right to the your computer screen with horses. The jawing, cheering and camaraderie are all part of the fun. You can sign on now and make an account in less than 2 minutes.

Check back here for some hot tips in the coming weeks and months! 


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