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The Notebook August 01, 2013

August 1, 2013


Two-Minute Lick - Maggi Moss

Image via Iowan.com

Maggi Moss, a semi-retired trial lawyer, annually ranks among America’s top Thoroughbred owners. She was the leading owner by wins in 2006 and has finished in the top five every year since, amassing nearly 1,800 victories. She has been the leading owner at several tracks, including Belmont Park, Churchill Downs and Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots. Last year she made one of her best claims yet, spending $40,000 to acquire Delaunay, who has since emerged as one of the nation’s top sprinters and will race Sunday in the Grade 1, $400,000 Alfred G. Vanderbilt Handicap at Saratoga. Moss resides in Des Moines, Iowa, with her two Jack Russell terriers, Storm and Jake.

Name: Maggi Moss

Birthplace: Des Moines, Iowa

My favorite childhood memory: From the age of 10, all I did was ride and go to horseshows with my hunters and jumpers.

Most influential person in my career: my mother

My out-of-the-box idea for Thoroughbred racing: A strong regulator, much like the NFL or NBA, that could bring reason to the sport without politics and put horseracing back where it belongs. We are just all over the board right now.

How I was introduced to Thoroughbred racing: I went to the University of Kentucky!!!

Other sports/teams I follow: I used to have a life and follow football, basketball, but now my entire life is horse racing, and that's all I do right now. I can remember being in the Public Defender’s office early in my career with all men, and we would close the office on Fridays to bet on football, etc. Now, I do not gamble on anything.

My heroes: Ironically, I am not a movie person, and I truly detest politics and all those involved right now; so now, the person that is truly my hero is my mom. She has endured the death of a husband and son; and she is the kindest, most optimistic person I know, and she has taught me the truly important things in life.

What about myself would surprise those who know me: I think my work ethic. As a trial attorney, and now a horse owner, I have always had to work endless hours; not necessarily to always win, but to be sure I have done everything possible to succeed. After years of dealing with crime, injury and tragedy as a lawyer, I am the most happy now alone with my animals. I also love to garden and cook!

My favorite athletes of all-time: Probably Drew Brees for winning the Super Bowl after [Hurricane] Katrina; New Orleans is one of my favorite towns. I also truly admire the athleticism of Rosie Napravnik.

Most treasured possession/memento: without a doubt, my two Jack Russells: Storm and Jake

A pet peeve: Politics and the hypocrisy that exists within; kneejerk reactions to events that are media driven; and then people react, but then it’s forgotten. For example, the reactions to the recent death of Monzante, then it fades away; the horrendous problems of slaughter, horses being misused on the track quickly fades away without any meaningful solutions to these very real problems.

What book(s) I am reading or have recently read:  I read every James Patterson book, which is once a month these days.

Favorite magazines: I read all gardening and cooking magazines, and anything that is related to horse racing: the Daily Racing Form daily and The Blood-Horse.

Favorite websites I visit daily/weekly: I am constantly on Equibase and DRF.com and, yes, Facebook!

Gadget I cannot live without:  My computer: I run my entire operation off of it!

Hobbies away from Thoroughbred racing:  Gardening, flower arrangement, walking long distances

Favorite movies: I just can’t seem to sit still long enough to watch movies; I get impatient. I can’t remember the last movie I saw. I have movies on my TV and the last one I watched was Silver Linings Playbook and I loved it

TV shows I watch:  Lately, I have become addicted to "The Closer," which comes on late Saturday nights; it takes my mind off of racing. I love "Criminal Minds" and "The Good Wife."

Favorite foods: Ironically, very few, but my favorite is stone crab and any type of fish; I am not a meat eater.

Favorite vacation spot: I love Key West and New Orleans. I can’t really remember the last vacation I took, but my mom lives in Palm Beach in the winter, and I go there often but am not a fan!

What I drive:  Range Rover Sport

If I could be a guest on any TV talk show it would be: I was on "Oprah Winfrey" to discuss post-partum depression on 9/11. It was an incredible event to get to know her and I have always wanted to go back.

If I could appear on any television show it would be: Tough one! "Criminal Minds" or "NCIS"

If I could be a guest on any talk radio show it would be: Howard Stern? Just kidding! Can’t remember the last time I listened to the radio with Sirius in my car.

If I could be on stage I would play what instrument: guitar

Favorite Musician/Band: Lately, I have been having a love affair with Adam Levine of Maroon 5

Favorite Actor: I just was watching Denzel Washington last night – he is an amazing actor.

I’d like to have dinner with the following three people: My two best peeps from Lexington that I miss – Debbie Long, who owns Dudley’s, and Ann Banks. I just met Julie Krone at a fundraiser in Texas and would love her to come, too!

Best racetrack food can be found at:  The Reading Room at Saratoga is amazing! But realistically, I would have to say Fair Grounds.

Accomplishment I am most proud of: That I have been able to maintain and sustain a very nice living in life, both as a lawyer and now owning racehorses, without ever touching the trust money my dad left me when he died in a plane crash.

My philosophy on life: I truly want to be content every day and keep everything in perspective. I strive to keep remembering and living that it really is not a dress rehearsal.

Favorite quote or motto: If you love what you are doing, the money will follow; if you love only money, nothing will follow.

Things I collect: Really nothing – probably too many clothes!

Favorite charities: every racehorse rescue in North America

Celebrity/prominent personality friends include: I live in Iowa for Pete’s sake!!!

Favorite authors: Ayn Rand    

Favorite animal other than a horse: Jake, my 15-year-old Jack Russell, and Storm, my ridiculously spoiled female Jack Russell.

What actor would play me in a movie: Susan Sarandon, or maybe Meryl Streep

Three words that define what Thoroughbred racing means to me: Concern, passion and the horses themselves

What historical figure do you most identify with: I repeatedly flunked history and science throughout my education!

What living person do you most admire: without a doubt, my mom

No. 1 Bucket List Item:  to find that place in the world where I can live peacefully

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