Racing Terms

  • Rabbit


    A speed horse running as an entry with another, usually come-from-behind horse. The rabbit is expected to set a fast pace to help the chances of its stablemate.

  • Rabicano


    Also called white ticking, is a horse coat color characterized by limited roaning in a specific pattern: interspersed white hairs most dense and originating from the flank and the tail head. [1] Rabicano is distinct from true roan, which causes evenly interspersed white hairs throughout the body, except the head and legs.

  • Rail


    The barrier on either side of the racing strip.

  • Rank


    A horse that refuses to settle under a jockey's handling in a race, running in a headstrong manner without respect to pace.

  • Receiving Barn

    Receiving Barn

    Structure used by horses shipping in for a race who do not have a stall at that racetrack.

  • Reins


    Long straps, usually made of leather that are connected to the bit and used by the jockey to control the horse.

  • Roan


    Horse with white hairs mingled throughout its coat. Combined with the color gray when referring to Thoroughbred horse colors.

  • Route


    Broadly, a race distance of longer than 1 mile.

  • Router


    Horse that performs well at longer distances.

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