Racing Terms

  • Call to the post

    Call to the post

    A special call played on a bugle used to signal the horses to the starting gate.

  • Chestnut


    A color ranging from light gold to deep red. Also, a small, horny growth on the inside of a horse's front legs.

  • Chrome


    Large amounts of white areas on horse's face and legs.

  • Chute


    Extension of backstretch or homestretch to permit a straight running start in a race as opposed to starting on or near a turn.

  • Claiming


    Process by which a licensed person may purchase a horse entered in a designated race for a predetermined price. When a horse has been claimed, its new owner assumes title after the starting gate opens although the former owner is entitled to all purse money earned in that race.

  • Claiming Handicap (CLH)

    Claiming Handicap (CLH)

    A race for horses entered to be claimed, with weight assignments similar to those of a handicap race (see Handicap listed above).

  • Claiming Race

    Claiming Race

    A race in which each horse entered is eligible to be purchased at a set price. Claims must be made before the race and only by licensed owners or their agents who have a horse registered to race at that meeting or who have received a claim certificate from the stewards.

  • Claiming Stakes (CST)

    Claiming Stakes (CST)

    A race for horses entered to be claimed. Nomination and possibly entry and starters fees are added to the base purse.

  • Clerk of Scales

    Clerk of Scales

    An official whose chief duty is to weigh the riders before and after a race to ensure proper weight is (was) carried.

  • Clocker


    A person in charge of recording the time it takes for a horse to travel specific distances both during training and racing.

  • Clubhouse Turn

    Clubhouse Turn

    Generally, the turn on a racing oval that is closest to the clubhouse facility; usually the first turn after the finish line.

  • Colt


    An ungelded male horse 4 years old or younger.

  • Condition Book(s)

    Condition Book(s)

    A series of booklets issued by a racing secretary which set forth conditions of races to be run at a particular racetrack.

  • Conditions


    The requirements of a particular race. This may include age, sex, money or races won, weight carried and the distance of the race.

  • Conformation


    The physical makeup of and bodily proportions of a horse how it is put together.

  • Connections


    Persons identified with a horse, such as owner, trainer, jockey and stable employees.

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